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Phone: (605) 334-1667
Fax: (605) 331-6401

6709 S. Minnesota Ave. Ste.102
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Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

An on-call physician and after hours answering service are available 24 hours a day and seven days a
week. For referring physicians and established patients.


Monday – Friday appointments available.

When Do You Need an Infectious Disease Specialist?

· Fevers of Unknown Origin

· Surgical and Orthopedic Infection

· HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C

· Lyme Disease, West Nile Encephalitis

· Toxic Shock Syndrome

· Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection)

· Fungal Infections, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases,

· Immunodeficiencies

· Skin and Soft Tissue Infections such as Cellulitis and Abscess

· Insect, Tick and Animal-Borne Diseases

· Rare, Resistant and Unusual Infections

· Gynecologic Infections, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Clinic Patient Appointment Forms:
Clinic Patient Letter
New Patient Information Form
Medical History Form


Monday – Friday appointment available.

Infectious Disease Via Telemedicine

Infectious Disease Specialists offers outreach services to various communities. We provide consultation via telemedicine. Because most infectious disease processes are urgent, we are available immediately for such consultations. Simply call our office to arrange a convenient time or contact the on-call physician after hours.

Telemed Patient Appointment Forms:
Telemed Patient Letter
New Patient Information Form
Medical History Form


Friday morning appointments.

Travel Medicine

· Pre-Travel Advice and Vaccinations

· Licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination Site

· Evaluation of the Returning Ill Traveler

· Tropical Disease Expertise

Travel Medicine Patient Forms:
Travel Patient Letter
Patient Information Sheet
International Travel Medical Questionnaire (2 pages)
Vaccine Waiver Form
Travel Quiz